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What do you need help with?

I can offer you exactly the support in design and development that you need for your fashion brand at this moment.  Choose a design package that suits you.   Included in every package is a half-hour to one-hour conversation in which I learn about your vision, how you want to position your collection, where you would like improvements, etc.  Did I wake your interest? Then you are welcome to ask for the corresponding price without obligation. State the design package name as well as the type and number of parts you want. See you then :)

s.d. sustainable

Design package

You already have existing hand sketches and would like to have them converted into precise and detailed fashion flats.

- CAD designs (Adobe Illustrator-Fashion Flats) from existing sketch

- Front/back/inside view 

- 2 variants each, then selection

- 1-2 revisions

- Price request via contact

Design package


You are planning a new program.

- Conception

- Mood board

- first hand sketches, selection

- CAD designs (Adobe Illustrator Fashion Flats),  ever 1-2 variants, colorway, selection

- 1-2 revisions

- Front/back/inside view

- Detailed drawings with labels

- Collection overview

- Price request via contact


Design package3.0 DETAILS

You have existing fashion flats and would now like to have the details displayed.

- Detailed drawings of existing designs

- Adobe Illustrator

- Details such as cuffs, pleats, etc.

- Front/back and interior view

- Labels

Optional for tech packs

- Price request via contact

Design package

Du wantrevise existing items in your range?

- Conception

- Redesign / Adobe Illustrator Fashion Flats

- 1-2 variants each, color path, selection

- Front/back/inside view

- Detailed drawings with labels

- Price request via contact

Tech Pack Overview _ Website_Zeichenfläche 1.jpg

Design package

Do you now also want tech packs for production for the capsule package you received? Please!

Tech pack consisting of

- Colourway

- Details with labeling

- BOM (list of materials) to fill out yourself

- Size tables XS-2XL or on request

- POM (Point of Measurements)

- Price request via contact

Design package

You have received the sewing patterns from the production company and would now like to have them checked for fit and workmanship.

- submitted samples

- Measure 

- Fit on model

- Design/fit/workmanship changes  hold onto

- Comment on images/drawings and text 

- Price request via contact

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