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I am Sarah Dietschi,
your remote freelance fashion designer.

Is your design team in a bottleneck?

... or has it reached its capacity limit? - I'm happy to help you out so that you can still meet the deadlines for production!  I will support you with your designs / fashion flats / collection conception / color conception / detailed drawings / and technical documents. A selection of different design service packages offers you an overview of all my services. You can't quite imagine how I can help you remotely? Then let's test it with a small project! Contact me and we'll talk about it.

Are you a fashion start-up and want to optimize your design? 

Maybe you've done everything yourself so far, looked at countless styles from other brands, thought about which colors would be well received and also found out that the blouse from the last production was way too short... I can help you take your designs to the next level and create structures in development so that idle times, unnecessary sewing patterns and, above all, incorrect production become a thing of the past. If you look through my design packages, you will get an overview of all the work and sub-steps of a project. Did I wake your interest? Then let’s talk about your challenges and find solutions for them.



Sarah's expert advice on design and her know-how in fit and finish helped us to launch a selection of new models in top quality. She acted at the interface between the Swiss head office and production. Changes were communicated to production in a competent and clearly structured manner. We can only warmly recommend Sarah, especially to companies that do not yet have their own production team.

Marc Joss, CEO

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